Thanksgiving – island edition


Hey guys! So last week I got to enjoy my first Thanksgiving meal – courtesy of my two American friends Jen and Rob. As they were away from home for the ‘holiday’ (Americans and British have two very different meanings of this word), the three of us along with a group of international friends, all … [Read more…]

Celebrating Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong my float

The annual Thai festival Loi Krathong took place last week and I wanted to share with you the magical night that I got to enjoy. Unfortunately it was little windy, so I couldn’t quite capture the Disney images I had wished for but it was still a great evening. I’d been anticipating this festival for … [Read more…]

A night at the markets


I’m a girl who has always loved a good street market. Cheap local food, quirky souvenirs and buzzing streets filled with tourists and locals. Whats not to like? It’s the place where I always go to try new foods. I find the menu so much more diverse than a run of the mill restaurant, and … [Read more…]

Life’s a beach

Sunset watching

Sand, Sun and Sea. Sometimes you just have to shelve the laptop, grab you friends and head to the beach!  Some days  are meant to be spent with the sand between your toes, it’s as simple as that!  No Make up| Salt in my hair| A good book to stick your nose into| Good quality … [Read more…]

Sweater Weather Tag

Sweater weather tag

So even though I’m not home I saw this Tag on Gemma and it made me briefly home-sick. . . So I figured I’d do the Tag myself and then hopefully I can get back to the beach life without missing my favourite season at home. Favourite candle scent? As a huge candle enthusiast this is … [Read more…]

Anxiety on the road


  Let’s be honest there is no easy solution for dealing with anxiety, be it at home, at work or on the road. Anxiety is anxiety and if it wants to show its ugly face then it is sure to make an appearance.    Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. For me personally I … [Read more…]

Learning to escape!


I often find myself fighting to switch my brain off, it likes to run at a million miles an hour and I simply can’t find that elusive off button.     Is it just me?  My mind is filled with over-lapping thoughts rolling over each other, so much so that I can’t focus solely on … [Read more…]

Travelling solo: beginners worries


Contemplating going solo?  Find yourself all of a sudden being faced with all these worries you didn’t even consider before?  . . . Let me share with you what mine were and how I feel about those now. . . Before I set off on my travels I was extremely apprehensive. I was all caught … [Read more…]

My favourite travel quotes!


Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite travel quotes. I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for a good philosophical inspirational quote. Be it on Pinterest, Instagram or a poster on my wall, I love them! Is it a girl thing? Or are you a guy and enjoy … [Read more…]